The Theology and Therapy Publications

The Theology and Therapy Project has so far produced the following academic publication(s).

Academic Publication(s)

Miller, Gavin. “R.D. Laing’s theological hinterland: the contrast between mysticism and communion”. History of Psychiatry, 23.2: pp 139-155. 2012

Miller, Gavin, "Crossing the Border: pastoral theology and psychotherapy", The Expository Times, forthcoming

Fergusson, David. "Persons in Relation: the interaction of philosophy, theology and psychotherapy in 20th century Scotland", Journal of Practical Theology, 5.3 forthcoming 2012/13.

Miller, Gavin. "Resisting 'Self-spirituality': counselling as spirituality in the dialogues of Hans Schauder and Marcus Lefebure", Journal of Contemporary Religion, forthcoming

Bondi, Liz. "Research and therapy: generating meaning and feeling gaps". Qualitative Inquiry, forthcoming

Fergusson, David. "Philosophy, Theology and Psychotherapy: Scottish Humanist Trajectories", under review

Miller, Gavin. "'What lies at the Bottom of the Well?' The Interaction between Psychotherapy, Christianity and 'New Age' Spirituality in Winifred Rushforth's Lay Psychoanalysis", in progress

Bondi, Liz. "Making Inter-Disciplinary Spaces for Psychoanalysis, in for Kate Cullen, Liz Bondi, Judith Fewell, Eileen Francis and Molly Ludlam (eds)/ Making Spaces: Putting Pyschoanalytic Thinking to Work./Karnac, forthcoming