Theology and Therapy 2010 Conference: Podcasts

The 2010 Theology & Therapy Day Conference, 'The Churches, Pastoral Care and Counselling: Recent Traditions and Current Prospects' was held on 10 November in New College, University of Edinburgh.

The podcasts below were recorded at the conference. Some speakers have also made available .pdf files of their presentations.

How to use these files:

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David Lyall (formerly Senior Lecturer in Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh): "Pastoral Care and Counselling in Scotland from 1950".
Podcast of David Lyall's presentation
.pdf file of David Lyall's presentation

Ruth Layzell (Director of Training, Sherwood Institute for Psychotherapy): "Recent Developments in British Pastoral Care and Counselling".
Podcast of Ruth Layzell's presentation

Colwyn Trevarthen (Professor Emeritus of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Edinburgh): "Confidence, Confiding and Acts of Meaning: Infants' Moral Feelings and Philosophers in Scotland".
Podcast of Colwyn Trevarthen's presentation
.pdf file of Colwyn Trevarthen's presentation

Panel Discussion chaired by Liz Bondi (Counselling and Psychotherapy, University of Edinburgh).
Wendy Mathison (PF Counselling Service, Edinburgh)
Podcast of Wendy Mathison's presentation
Cecelia Clegg (Divinity, University of Edinburgh)
Podcast of Cecelia Clegg's presentation
Colin Kirkwood (formerly Senior Lecturer in Counselling Studies, University of Edinburgh)
Podcast of Colin Kirkwood's presentation