The Theology and Therapy Project Website

Welcome to the archived website for the Theology and Therapy research project, which finished in the spring of 2012, Funded under the joint AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme, the Theology and Therapy Project investigated ways in which psychotherapy, Christianity and "spirituality" overlapped and inter-twined in the post-war period (1945 - 2000) in Scotland.

Over the three and a half years the project ran, the project team consisted of five Edinburgh University academics: Professor David Fergusson, Professor Liz Bondi, Dr Steven Sutcliffe, Dr Alette Willis and Dr Gavin Miller (now at Glasgow University). The project is notable for its interdisciplinary collaboration, since it brought together academics in the School of Divinity and in the School of Health in Social Science.

While the Theology and Therapy project is no longer active, this website will remain online so that those interested can access podcasts, papers and other information contained on its pages.

As the Theology and Therapy project came to an end, a different configuration of many of the same academis, under the leadership of Prof Liz Bondi, successfully obtained a follow-on funding grant from the AHRC to engage in knowledge exchange with practitioner communities. This follo-on project is documented on its own website at: