The Theology and Therapy Oral History Project

To clarify the lived ideology (the 'practice') of Christianised psychotherapy, the project will interview a number of informants active in post-war Scottish psychotherapy and pastoral care, including some who were influential in the transmission of ideas and practices to England. The interviews will mainly be carried out by Dr Gavin Miller. Interviewees will be asked about the personal networks in which they were involved, about how the ideas that informed them were used and experienced, and will explore to what extent their ideas, practices and experiences may have been a form of contemporary "spirituality". Interviewees will also be given the opportunity to comment on the project's assumptions and hypotheses.

A number of ethical safeguards will be employed in every stage of the oral history project. Interviewees will have the power to withdraw at any point, to delete material, to request extended anonymisation, and to control future use of their words.

A PODCAST is now available of the Project Team discussing the Oral History component of the Theology and Therapy Project at a Scottish Studies Seminar held in the Department of Celtic and Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, 25 February 2011.

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PODCAST on Oral History